British Nationals wishing to marry in China

The British Embassy in China is not authorised to perform marriages ceremonies. Marriages in China performed in accordance with Chinese law are generally recognised in UK law. Marrying in Mainland China, require a Certificate of No Impediment (CNI), a document which shows there are no objections to your marriage. Once... Read more →

General Information on Marriage in China by Australian Nationals

A marriage that is performed legally in China will be recognised by law in Australia , provided that the marriage would also be recognised under Australian law. The process for getting married in China is described below. If you are planning to be married in Australia , all enquiries should... Read more →

Foreign-Related Marriage and Divorce in China

A marriage in China between a foreigner and a Chinese citizen or between two foreigners is considered a "foreign-related marriage". According to Article 147 of the General Principles of the Civil Law of the People's Republic of China, marriage of a Chinese citizen to a foreigner shall be bound by... Read more →

Marriage Registration between Chinese citizen and Foreigners in China

Provisions for the registration of marriage between chinese citizen and foreigners (Approved by the State Council on August 17, 1983 and promulgated by the Ministry of Civil Affairs on August 26, 1983) 1. When Chinese citizens and foreigners (including foreign residents and those who come to China for a short... Read more →