New China Marriage Law: Patriarchy and Property
Court Considers Revising China’s Marriage Law

New marriage law sparks debate in China

By Regional Representatives Aug 22, 2011 11:05PM UTC

One of the hottest issues recently in China is the introduction of a new marriage law whereby a house bought for a children by parents and registered under the name of the child before marriage belongs to the child.

That’s to say it is the child’s personal property if the couple divorce one day, the spouse will not become the co-owner of the house.

If the house is bought by both sets of the parents and the marriage ends in divorce, the value of the house is divided.

Different people respond differently to the issue.

Some people welcome it and say it is fair for both sides. On one hand property is the main estate a family owns and people spend most of their money on a house.

Property is a lucrative asset and it is the most difficult matter to deal with in divorce cases.

The spouse who has a house would not suffer the loss of the property when the marriage breaks down. After all, it is one’s personal property before marriage.

On the other hand the judicial court is easy to settle disputes of the divorce cases concerning the real estate in the country’s increasing divorce cases on the basis of the new law of the marriage, for it is accurate. Read full article