Marriage Law in China—Divorce by Agreement
New marriage law sparks debate in China

New China Marriage Law: Patriarchy and Property

Posted by Maoist Rebel News on 2011 09 10

On the September 8 edition of the CCTV program “Dialogue” the new Chinese marriage laws passed by the supreme court of China were discussed. New interpretations of China’s marriage laws that came into effect in August have caused controversy in the former Socialist state. China’s supreme court has ruled that property bought before marriage either outright or on mortgage reverted to the buyer upon divorce. (Previously it was considered joint property.) Such an interpretation has ignited debate as to whether or not the new policy was discriminating against woman.

This means that women in a marriage that has been ended are going to be deprived of homes because the cultural tradition of China means the man and his family provide the house for the couple while women shoulders more of the responsibility for taking care of it. The anchor of the program Tian Wei asked if the policy was sexist or was it intended to make marriage more about true love. She also declared the programs intention to discuss whether or not it will affect the increasing social stress in the country.

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