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Marriage Law in China—Divorce by Agreement

Nobody expects divorce, but in life, somebody may encounter it. Differing from England, USA or other countries, in China, there exist two ways to end your marriage, divorce by agreement or by litigation which is different from many countries where only courts have rights to end your marriage legally.

Divorce by agreement is the best way to end your marriage.

If you get married in China, you'd better divorce by agreement. Divorce by agreement is that the husband and wife decide to divorce on their own will and come to agreement on some related problems, and only the civil administration bureau ratifies your agreement, can you end your marriage. Advantages of divorce by agreement are as follows:

a. Prompt. It takes you only about half an hour to get your divorce certificate if you have prepared all materials required.

b. Cheap.It costs you only about 10 Yuan (RMB).

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